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Ullac Denim - Pattern 016

Designer: ULLAC




This is a super classic unisex chore jacket. It's a loose mid length fit with four patch pockets and a tabbed collar. We made it in 13oz Candiani raw selvedge denim, it'll soften up great so you can get all your chores done no problem. 

Because it's raw denim the indigo will transfer a little, this is part of the ageing process. 


  • loose mid length cut.
  • 13oz raw selvedge denim.
  • 100% cotton.
  • made in Italy.
  • freeze to clean sail cloth bag.   


On day one this denim is going to feel all brand new and crispy and ace. Enjoy that feeling, it’s lovely. But then you should wear it a lot, break it in on your body and let it take your shape and fade in all the right places. That’s when it’ll be really perfect. And no two pairs of jeans, or two jackets will look ever look the same.

The denim was produced on narrow shuttle looms from the 50s which makes it hardwearing and we reckon the longer you can go without washing it, the better it’s going to look. To clean the denim, we recommend using the old Finnish method of freezing. So it comes in a freeze to clean sailcloth bag. Keep it in the bag in the freezer and it’ll kill some of the bacteria and help keep the denim fresh (ish).

It’s not a miracle cure and it is just a preference thing though, washed jeans look dead good to. So If you need to wash the denim, please do so inside out and on a cold setting. You can also take them to the dry cleaners if you’re flush.

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