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Nike will release their new tech pack!

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On the 16th of August, 2018, Nike will be releasing their new tech pack.

Now Nike rarely disappoint and this ‘tech’ fashion is becoming more common and it’s that idea of being comfortable with style.

The new tech pack claims to allow more stretchiness and breathability and this will be a range of different piece of clothing styles.

The knits and the woven material are coming, with summer coming to an end and Autumn on its way the high street is preparing for those new season collections. The knit and woven material is also featured in the new Tech Pack.

The idea of the ‘tech’ era when it comes to fashion, gives off that real futuristic feel and its definitely a combination of two visions e.g. comfort and style, knits in the summer. This is our future, our fashion.

Words: Larissa Lubuulwa 

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